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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

10:45 AM

Hot right? Watch the video...

Click to watch Blake on People's Hottest Bachelors of 2007


Monday, June 11, 2007

12:54 PM

Blake performing for the kids

Awwwwwwwwww How cute


12:46 PM

Jordin and Blake react to 'Idol' results


12:39 PM

Blake Lewis performs 1 at AriSawkaDoria ASD CD Release Show


12:33 PM

Blake Lewis on Idolatry at EW


Thursday, June 7, 2007

4:22 PM

Blake will be on THE VIEW on monday!!!! i've heard everyone at the view is SUPER excited to see him and meet him in person; they're all such big fans. be sure to check it out!

Look out for video coming soon!


4:20 PM

Blake Lewis Thinks Outside the Box With Us

He didn’t end up winning American Idol, but second place is suiting 25-year-old Bothell, Wash., native Blake Lewis just fine. Here, America’s favorite beatboxer gets candid with Us to reveal his thoughts on breaking Idol rules, winning fans’ hearts, and clubbing with Lindsay and Paris.

Usmagazine.com: You finished second on May 23, but your 866-IDOLS voting line remained open as of last week. Is it too late to demand a recount?
Blake Lewis: No recount. Second place is the first place to be.

Us: Simon and Co. first heard you sing in your hometown of Seattle. What about the city or music scene there has shaped you as a performer?
BL: There’s so much. I could name 10 bands right now that should be signed to a major label – The Mob Law, Doxology – it really depends on what you’re looking for. I’m very fortunate I got on this show and I try and rep my homies as much as possible, wearing my favorite bands’ t-shirts from Seattle. I’m going home at the end of the week and my friends are playing at The High Dive and Neumos – my favorite venues.

Us: Another hometown cause close to your heart is Seattle Children’s Hospital, for which you are raising cancer research funds in honor of two friends affected by lymphoma. How do you plan to expand your outreach efforts?
BL: Just keep doing it. Anything I can do to help with a greater cause is awesome and seeing a smile on kids’ faces is priceless. I visited a hospital here this week and taught the kids how to beatbox. It’s just so great to see little kids that are into it, because if I had seen that when I was a kid that age, who knows where I’d be now.

Us: Now that you are “Blake Lewis from American Idol,” rumors must be swirling about your public and private life. What outlandish rumors have you laughing?
BL: You know, I haven’t even heard any. I love [how I’m referred to as] “The Rebel.” It’s so funny. I didn’t stay out past curfew every night. It was probably more like every other night. [Laughs]

Us: Weren’t you out with Lindsay Lohan once at Les Deux?
BL: [Chuckles] I was never there with her. People get stuff out of context. I was at that club many times and she’s always there, Paris is always somewhere. But if she’s there, I’m like [sarcastically] “woopie, cool, good for her.” I’m not a fan. I’m not going to lie about it. If they’re not nice to you on the first impression, they’re probably not going to be nice to you on the second. I choose not to hang out with those people.

Us: But you did spend plenty of time with your roommates Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson.
BL: I had the greatest time with Phil and Chris. Chris and I hung out all the time - 18 hours a day and then we’d sleep and do it again. We got through the show with each other.

Us: So, Cassanova, word on the street is that you hold the record for the most ‘marry me’ signs on Idol. Any chance you’ll settle down with your own family someday?
BL: In the next 5-10 years. I’m focused on my career and have to be selfish right now. I really want to get this album out and go on tour. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll allow myself to be open to [a long-term relationship] for maybe 3-6 years. If true love comes into play, though, you can’t stop that.

Us: You say good art inspires you, and you translate that through your many tattoos. Any chance you’ll pop up on Miami Ink now that you’re so well-versed in reality TV?
BL: Maybe “L.A. Ink” if it comes into play. I don’t know about Miami Ink. I definitely want to get my whole entire back tattooed. I’ve been drawing a collage piece for two years. I would love it if [celebrity artist] Kat Von D wanted to do a piece on me.

Us: Viewers have also come to love your eclectic sense of style. Any plans to add “clothing designer” to your resume?
BL: I don’t know how to sew yet. I bought all the materials and then American Idol happened. I hung out with [celebrity designer] Ashton Michael last night and he’s going to hopefully teach me how to sew one day - when I have time. Timing was right and I got on Idol. Now hopefully timing will be right and I’ll tour for a while. It’s all timing for everything.



About Blake

  • Full Name: Blake Colin Lewis

  • Age: 25

  • Hometown: Bothell, WA

  • Famous For: Being Original, Beat Boxing, & Those SEXY Plaid Pants!

    Tour Dates

    July 6 - Sunrise, FL
    July 7 - Tampa, FL
    July 8 - Jacksonville, FL
    July 10 - Greenville, SC
    July 11 - Nashville, TN
    July 12 - Birmingham, AL
    July 13 - N. Little Rock, AR
    July 15 - Houston, TX
    July 16 - San Antonio, TX
    July 18 - Glendale, AZ
    July 19 - San Diego, CA
    July 20 - Fresno, CA
    July 22 - Anaheim, CA
    July 23 - Los Angeles, CA
    July 24 - San Jose, CA
    July 25 - Sacramento, CA
    July 27 - Tacoma, WA
    July 28 - Portland, OR
    July 30 - Nampa, ID
    July 31 - Salt Lake City, UT

    American Idol Song List

    "This Is My Now"
    "She Will Be Loved"
    "When I Get You Alone"
    "This Love"
    "This Is Where I Came In"
    "You Should Be Dancing"
    "You Give Love A Bad Name"
    "When The Stars Go Blue"
    "Time of the Seasons"
    "I Need To Know"
    "Mack the Knife"
    "Love Song"
    "You Keep Me Hanging On"
    "All Mixed Up"
    "Virtual Insanity"
    "Somewhere Only We Know"

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